When your pool equipment is not operating properly, or becomes outdated and inefficient, Advantage Pool Management will get it fixed. With over 20 years of swimming pool industry experience, we can be relied on to repair or install your pool equipment the right way every time. As the swimming pool industry is constantly improving their equipment designs through flow improvements, part reliability or energy efficiency, Advantage Pool Management is also training our staff through manufacturer training seminars and certification opportunities.



Advantage Pool Management performs the following residential pool equipment repairs & installs and more:



             • D.E. filter clean


             • Cartridge filter clean


             • Filter repair/replacement


             • Heater repair/replacement


             • Control(timer) system repair/replacement


             • Salt pool conversion


             • Salt cell chemical clean


             • Salt system repair/replacement


             • Pool light repair/replacement (*must have GFCI)


             • Automatic pool cleaner repair/replacement


             • Chlorine tablet erosion feeder repair/replacement



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